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“An increasingly globalized world generates an annual 5% growth in air traffic. That’s why we need you as an engineer to develop the aircraft of tomorrow!”


The automotive sector has seen a vast evolution towards hybrid applications, hydrogen driven fuel cells, efficient thermal engines and drivetrains. ENGIBEX has become a preferred supplier to many of the companies involved in state-of-the-art developments and is excited to help shape what is unarguably one of the most thrilling industries to work in.


Aircraft are omnipresent in our skies. When it comes to aerospace engineering, ENGIBEX has a lot to offer: from mechanical engineering in wing structures, to material science-driven composite development and even electronics, software and avionics.

Aerospace and defence

The need for defence systems is, unfortunately, still an absolute necessity for passive protection and humanitarian action. In the aerospace sector, our professionals work hard to design modern day payloads such as satellites and launch vehicles. Applications range from electrical power supplies, to improved thermal coatings and scientific set-ups.

Other sectors


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