Engibex Career Day 2020

Due to the recent developments and precautions by the Belgian government regarding Covid-19,
we’re sorry to let you know that the Engibex Career Day 2020 will be postponed until further notice.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to discover our job opportunities through our career portal and we will get in touch.

Want to kickstart your career, become an Engibex engineer ūüėČ

Come and participate to our 2020 Career Day!

Are you about to graduate in engineering?
Do you want to get practical insights on how to kick start your career in high-tech engineering?
Interested in R&D and product innovation?
Want to work on projects in automotive, aerospace, energy or consumer lifestyle?


You will get to meet and connect with our consultants (your future colleagues?) to learn more about their experiences and get real-life examples of high-profile projects.

You will also get the chance to participate in an exciting case to unleash and discover the true engineer and entrepreneur within yourself.

Of course nothing can be done on an empty stomach, so we’re happy to provide with you with food & drinks.


This event takes place at Fosbury & Sons Albert which is just a 5 minutes walk from Brussels North Station & Rogier.
Parking spaces are also available. 

Fosbury & Sons Albert
Koning Albert II-laan 7
1210 Brussels


Hope to meet you the 26th!

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Dear all, Our IT service provider ITxx was victim to a ransomware attack carried out by Russian cybercriminals on July 2, 2021.  This hacker group has encrypted a significant number of servers, including Engibex’ data. Immediately after the hacking, ITxx and Engibex...

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Who will be the next champion of welder: Robot!

Who will be the next champion of welder: Robot!

Welding is a method of connecting metals or other thermoplastic materials together using heating or pressurization. It has been around for hundreds of years. But, before 20th century semi-automatic welding patterns emerged such as buried arc welding, slag welding, etc., workers on the front lines of construction had been struggling. With the rapid development of automation technology, fully automated robots have emerged, and since the introduction of the world’s first Unimate robot in the United States in 1959, the number of industrial robots has been increasing steadily worldwide. Currently, more than half of robots are welding ones. Thanks to this, humans have been able to emerge from the harsh welding environment, using robots instead of manual labor to achieve high-quality welding.

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