Students deserve a helping hand during those challenging times, don’t they?
Exactly what we thought.

From 16/11 until 27/11, Monday till Friday, we are offering the expertise of our experienced consultants to help you, Master student in engineering with your academic projects or give you some career advice for your first professional experience.

Engibex wants to provide solutions to your most pressing technical questions by having you interact with our consultants specialized in R&D; the choice of the topic of the conversation is up to you!

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After your registration with our consultants, you will receive a confirmation email from your coach with the schedule of your meeting and the platform on which to connect (Zoom, Skype, Teams…).

Please register only with one coach to allow all interested students to have a meeting.



Federico Brinchilin

I speak: English / Italian

Mechanical Engineer specialized in automation and manufacturing


Machine tool and robotics
- CAD/CAM programming
- Design for manufacturing and process optimization
Composite material manufacturing

Meet Federico

Bernhard Westerhof

I speak: Dutch, English

Mechanical Engineer


Vehicle Dynamics
- Multi-body Dynamics
- Systems and Controls
- Filtering & Identification
- Optimization
- State Estimation

Meet Bernhard

Yuan Xie

I speak: English / Chinese

Mechanical Engineer specialized in Vehicle Engineering


- Thesis project at Daimler
- NVH engineering

Meet Yuan (week of 16/11)
Meet Yuan (week of 23/11)

Ankit Joshi

I speak: English

Mechanical engineer


Automotive transmissions
- Design, development and testing of mechanical components

Meet Ankit


Edgar Garzon

I speak: English / French / Spanish / Italian

Electronic Engineer


Embedded Software
- Application modules
- C programming and Model-based-design for embedded systems
- Requirement analysis, verification and validation process.
- ASPICE provisional assessor

Meet Edgar

Ameya Tipnis

I speak: English

Electronics Engineer specialized in Embedded Systems


Embedded SW development
- Scrum and Agile methodology
- Automotive
- QA principles
- Functional safety

Meet Ameya

Mohamed El-Barkouky

I speak: English / Arabic

Doctor in Electronics


Electronic circuit design
- Measurements instrumentation
- Characterization of electronic circuits
- Industrialisation
- Process control
- Problem solving
- Lean manufacturing

Meet Mohamed


Pedro Almeida

I speak: English/ Portuguese

Mechanical Engineer specialized in Powertrain (Transmissions)


Mechanical Product development
- From concept to design
- Feasibility to Mechanical analysis
- FEA (finite elements analysis)
- Multibody dynamic analysis

Automotive transmissions
- Master thesis at Punch Powertrain

Meet Pedro

Michaël Klofac

I speak: Dutch, English

Mechanical engineer


Automotive transmissions
- Hybrid powertrain architectures - Transmission and powertrain control strategy basics

System Engineering
- integration & validation
- Engaging with (potentials customers) automotive (OEM's)

Meet Michaël

Mani Bhushan

I speak: English

Powertrain Engineer


Automotive powertrain
- Transmissions (CVT & DCT)
- Product development life cycle
- Requirement management
- System Design
- Verification & Validation
- Functional Safety
- System simulation and modelling

Meet Mani

Prakash Dewangan

I speak: English

Mechanical Engineeri specialized in powertrain engineering


Hybrid/electric powertrain

- Powertrain system simulation
- Phybrid/electric powertrain
- System sizing & optimization
- Energy management & estimation

Meet Prakash