Relive our first keynote event!

Overview of the evening:

The idea behind the concept was to bring our talented people together in a cosy setting. To trigger a discussion, and tackle some real-life challenges about industrial engineering. 

We chose to host this event at Fosbury & Sons, where we first welcomed our guests with quality food and drinks.
Later on, we proceeded with the interesting presentation, given by a specialist in this field: Tangui de Saint Hilaire.
In his presentation, he explained how to optimise both the product and the process related to the following 5 key requirements: 

  • The industrial environment – bridging the gap between engineering and manufacturing, consequently while being aware of the position of industrial engineering, as illustrated below:

    Client/program -> Engineering (design) -> Industrial engineering -> Manufacturing -> Logistics

  • The different functions
  • Tools being used
  • The mission – Interaction between operational and development support on a short and long term basis.
  • Required skills 

Afterwards, we held a round table discussion, talking more in detail about past problems our engineers where faced with, and how to overcome those in the future.
Finally, we ended the evening as we began, with quality drinks in excellent company.

See you next time?

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