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Hiring experience

” Engibex was one of the companies that I was keeping track of their open positions when I was looking for a new position.”

Ahmad Paknejad

In this article, our NVH consultant Ahmad  Paknejad will explain the process on how he joined the Engibex team and he will pursue by answering some questions.

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One day, when I saw an open position in my field of interest, I applied for it. After a while, Gauthier, the business manager at Engibex, called me. He first asked me whether I can still be available for that position or not. As I was open to a new challenge, he started to explain how my CV is close to the job requirement of that position. It was a short and efficient discussion. He proposed to continue the discussion via a TEAMS meeting after a few days.

The meeting on Teams

Through a very friendly discussion, I first, had the floor to introduce myself and explain my experiences and qualifications to him and asked him about Engibex’s mission. It was the moment I got excited about it. Lastly, he gave me more information about the position. This last part motivated me more about it.

The meeting with the client

The next step was to have a meeting with the client. He presented the job explaining the details of the position in the beginning and then asked about what I have done in my thesis regarding noise and vibration and my experience in numerical modelling and experimental testing. It was important for him to know about my personality, especially about teamwork skills and my future career perspectives.

Furthermore, I was asked by Engibex to write a report to summarize the meeting with the client. It took a few days for the client to give their feedback and final answer to the application. Since it was positive, Gauthier called me to explain the terms of the contract they want to sign with me. I had a few days to read the contract and decide whether I want to fill the position or not.

The meeting with David, our CEO

My final meeting with Engibex, before signing the contract, was with David, the CEO. He wanted to know me better and explain the contract and working terms and conditions in Engibex. I understood that by working with Engibex I have this opportunity to have another job position if I want to change my working environment.

What is like to work with Engibex ?

Working with Engibex is more like become a part of a growing family. They organize some team events each year giving a chance to the members to get to know each other better especially when new consultants join the team. As some consultants are also working at the same time for a client. Engibex organizes some special events for them by having lunch or dinner together. To add up, being supportive is Engibex’s thing. After you officially start your position, you will be contacted by them offering supports which could make your life easier.

What makes this position special to you ?

What makes this position special to me is that I have the chance to implement what I was studying and expertise in. I can propose solutions to prevent structural failures due to vibration which is satisfying for me.

About the authors

Ahmad Paknejad

Noise and Vibration consultant at Atlas Copco

David de Brouwer

Founder / Managing Director Engibex