Teambuilding event

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

This applies not only to Jack but also to our Engibex team. So we decided to have some fun! We knew already that we have an excellence in engineering, but today we would be acknowledged for our teamwork during our interactive mission at Koezio Brussels.

We gathered on the 28th of March at Docks Bruxsel to participate in a mission to become an elite team. After dividing ourselves into four teams, the game was on. During two hours we gave all we had, went through highs and lows, small surfaces while overcoming tricky obstacles.

There was so much going on, we had to work together as a team to perform properly. – Antoine Bentin

Luckily the people from Koezio provided us afterwards with well-deserved food and drinks and food. To end the evening in style, all the attendees received a goodie bag with a gift.

Another successful team event!

Thanks for being part of it, hope to see you next time!

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