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Project Description


Strategic development towards electrification

EV: Electric Vehicles


In laying out the roadmap of the company, the EV department was assigned with developing a product that could take a leading role in the eletricication future vehicles.

Client Profile

An independent full system supplier of fuel-efficient powertrains. Acting as an international player, it focuses on product innovation and quality improvements.

Project - Strategic development towards electrification


As global automotive industry is adopting their strategy towards vehicle eletrification, it is becoming more and more challenging to stay ahead of competition especially in such a rapidly changing market.
In trying to do so, it is vital to merge trending technologies with key customer requirements such as performance, weight and packaging restrictions,…



With many in house technologies at hand (electrical, mechanical) we put together a design that combined state of the art technology (HSM) with a newly developed gearbox resulting in a product with high efficiency. Despite the many limitations (HW, NVH), the power electronics were seamlessly integrated to form one compact solution.



  • Integrated power electronics

  • Leight weight and limited packaging

  • Competitive performance

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