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Running for the good cause

20km of Brussels 2019

During the past 20km of Brussels, Engibex decided to donate €100 for every team member who crossed the finish line, which raised a total amount of €600.

About Stichting Kieteman

The Kieteman Foundation was established in December 2015 by Floris and Vivien Brockmeier in memory of their son, Kiet.
Although Kiet was not allowed to experience his first birthday, his smile is indelible and forever unforgettable.
The purpose of the foundation is to keep his smile alive on other children’s faces.
They approach children who live in difficult circumstances through contacts with social workers, the Food Bank and various other social and welfare organizations.

– Important fact: all gifts are used 100% for the children we want to help.

Willing to put a smile on a child’s face yourself?

20km of Brussels 2018

Engibex running team - 20km Brussels 2018

Last Sunday, ENGIBEX participated in the 20 KM of Brussels for the shape but also for the good cause! Indeed, ENGIBEX decided to give 100€/ a participant to the Stichting Kieteman

Kieteman is an NGO organizing all kind of funny events for underprivileged children to bring a smile on their faces. Please have a look at

We would like to thank our 6 courageous runners Antoine Bentin, Ward Coudron, David de Brouwer, Clément Hardy, Maarten Aerts and Nicolas Wiesemes, who allowed to collect 600€ through their efforts for this noble cause!

Engibex running team – 20km Brussels 2018

David de Brouwer
Founder / Managing Director Engibex