We mainly focus on R&D    and product innovation

At our company, we collaborate with engineers who boast a rich and unparalleled expertise in their field, as well as being successful entrepreneurs who stay ahead of the latest advancements in their industries.

Our purpose

We address our clients’ problems by utilizing the strong engineering background and entrepreneurial spirit of our consultants. Our goal is to establish a strong partnership by providing a consultancy service based on the extensive knowledge of our mechanics, mechatronics, electronics, electrical, and embedded systems specialists, in order to effectively tackle current technological challenges.









“Thanks to our values: strong work ethic, commitment and entrepreneurship we thrive to create optimal working conditions for our consultants so they can find fulfilment in their career. This leads us to strong market position with a portfolio of 200 industrial projects, working for 30+ clients.”

David de Brouwer

Founder / Managing Director Engibex

Energy & Environment


A subsequent evolution in harvesting and storing alternative sources of energy has taken place in the last years. We contribute to it by working on projects related to the following rising technologies: marine wind turbines, energy atolls, solar cells development and smart grids.


About 50% of the Belgian energy supply is produced in the nuclear facilities of Doel (Antwerp) and Tihange (Liège). In order to keep these sites up and running, our consultants are working around the clock to review critical safety features and simulate possible failure modes.

Aerospace & Defence


The aerospace industry has witnessed subsequent evolutions in research in order to extend global knowledge that is evermore complex and growing. Engibex offers services from mechanical engineering in wing structures to material science-driven composite development and even electronics, software and avionics.


The need for defence systems is a necessity for passive protection and humanitarian action. We work together with our clients on the design of modern day payloads such as satellites and launch vehicles. Applications range from electrical power supplies to improved thermal coatings and scientific set-ups.

Consumer Lifestyle

Telecom equipment

The omnipresence of telecom technologies in our daily lives has triggered the need for improvements in the field. Wireless technologies, fibre optics and even spatial applications are pushing the boundaries of those evolutions. Engibex contributed for example to a project where a single chip development, Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) facilitated the functioning of a hearing aid system.


Semiconductors have had a monumental impact on our society. They are being used to translate abstract digital and analogue signals into physical ones. Millions of them can form an integrated circuit and thus constitute the substrata for most of today’s technologies. You find semiconductors at the heart of microprocessor chips as well as transistors; fields of activities in which Engibex excels and deploys its consultants’ expertise.


Hybrid technologies

The automotive industry is a critical component of the global economy, contributing to job creation, technological innovation, and the growth of many related industries. Automotive companies face numerous challenges in today’s rapidly evolving market, including increasing demand for sustainable, environmentally friendly vehicles, changing consumer preferences, and the rise of disruptive technologies such as autonomous vehicles.


Despite the challenges faced by the industry, Belgium continues to be a significant contributor to the automotive manufacturing sector. The country boasts several prominent manufacturing plants, including Audi Forest/Brussels, Volvo Car in Ghent, Van Hool (buses), and Mol Cy, which have enabled it to establish a strong presence in the vehicle production market. Toyota has also recognized the potential of the Belgian automotive industry and selected Brussels as the location for its European headquarters.

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