Engibex works solely on Research & Development and product innovation projects in the following fields: automotive, aeronautics, aerospace, defence, energy, environment, electronics, multimedia and life sciences.




Consumer lifestyle


The automotive sector has seen a vast evolution towards hybrid applications, hydrogen driven fuel cells, efficient thermal engines and drivetrains. Engibex has become a preferred supplier to many of the companies involved in state-of-the-art developments and is thrilled to be a part of these technological evolutions.

Energy & Environment

Belgian offshore windmills produce electricity for 1.3 million households. Our society is changing drastically and so are our energy and environmental needs. Engineers play a crucial role in this process as they need to develop new frameworks while combining them with the existing ones. Engibex has joined this movement towards creativity by cross-linking expertise in every branch of engineering.

Aerospace & Defence

Engibex is at the forefront of development and discoveries in the aerospace and defence industries.

Consumer Lifestyle

The current state of our consumer lifestyle technologies has been achieved thanks to development and innovations in the underlying hardware and numerous algorithms and software applications run on them. Our engineers are leading the way in innovation and outlining today’s state-of-the-art developments.