Energy & Environment

Belgian offshore windmills produce electricity for 1.3 million households.
According the Belgian offshore platform, capacity will rise up to 50% in 2020

Our society is changing dramatically, and so are our energy and environmental needs. Policy-makers around the globe are seeking new ways to ensure our lifestyle remains sustainable and lean for years to come. Today’s engineers play a crucial role in this process. They need to develop the new whilst combining it with the old. Engibex supports this vision, by joining the quest towards creativity and cross-linking expertise in every branch of engineering.

Today a 1MW wind turbine is capable of energising as much as 250 homes. As a consultant with Engibex, you will power both your career and green cities!


With an increased awareness of the planet’s limited resources of oil and gas, there is an evolution in the field of harvesting and storing alternative sources of energy. Examples of this are marine wind turbines, plans to implement an ‘energy atoll’ (an artificial island) to store excess wind power in hydraulic energy, advanced R&D in solar cells and a feasibility study on smart grids.


About 50% of the Belgian energy supply is produced in the nuclear facilities of Doel (Antwerp) and Tihange (Liège). In order to keep these sites up and running, our consultants are working around the clock to review critical safety features and simulate possible failure modes.

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Author: David de Brouwer