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2020 will undisputedly go down in history as “the Corona-year”.
Not only had we planned our first ever Career Day as a young, dynamic organisation we thrive on our team activities.
As much as we enjoy gathering everyone, like every other organisation, we had to adapt, adjust and overcome.
This is an overview of how we dealt with the restrictions that came along with the virus.

A snack a day keeps the doctor away…

JustbiteYou know what they say… A snack a day keeps the doctor away.

While all of our consultants were either working from home, temporarily unemployed or experiencing a quieter lifestyle,  we wanted to support all of our employees during these odd, sometimes difficult, yet often inspiring times.

Over the years they sure thought as an engineer, right now it might be the perfect time to act as an entrepreneur

With this healthy snack box, in cooperation with JustBite, we wanted to express our gratitude for past efforts and we are looking forward to reconnecting after we have completely hammered down this pandemic.

Stay safe at home!

The ENGIBEX team

Online quiz

Engibex QuizOur employees might have become tired of running, cycling, baking, counting how many tiles there are in their kitchen or any kind of ‘hobby’ they got themselves into during COVID-19.
Therefore – and because it’s great fun – we organized an online quiz via Kahoot.

Time to test who really lives up to our leitmotiv: Think as an engineer, act as an entrepreneur.

Engibex quizIt turned out to be an exquisite evening.
Not only did take great joy in reconnecting with the team, but the well-balanced questions also took the best out of the participants.
Ultimately one of our youngest and newest employees, Brieuc, came out on top after a suspenseful quiz.


For the second year in a row, we went on a teambuilding weekend to the Ardennes.
The first night became a night full of laughter accompanied by a delicious buffet.
Next thing in the morning, we had the team booster activity where intelligence, skill and balance were tested. It was wonderful to see how everybody participated with full commitment.

Because pictures (and video) often speak louder than words, we have exposed a highlight video.

Cooking class Cuisine De Flore

What do you want to eat? What do I have to prepare for tonight’s meal? Do I even have the proper ingredients?

None of the above daily struggles were applicable tonight.

During this years’ end of the summer team event, we spiced it up, literally.
Keeping in mind there are few things more fulfilling than a well-prepared meal after a long day of work, we unveiled the inner chef in ourselves throughout a highly competitive cooking class.

At first, we were divided into two teams, each with another assignment.
The yellow team started with a culinary quiz, during which the advantages of having an international team became immediately clear.
Although the answer to the question: “Where did they serve the first meal of Chili Con Carne? remains pretty unclear. (Not only to us, but also on the worldwide web apparently).
While this debate was going on, the red team started with the preparations for our main dish and we switched activities afterwards.

After taken care of the main dish, we still had to prepare our chocolate brownie dessert (or something that resembles it). This implied, manually whipping cream, which is not the easiest thing to do (video below).

After taken care of the main dish, we still had to prepare our chocolate brownie dessert (or something that resembles it). This implied, manually whipping cream, which is not the easiest thing to do.

Competitors as we all are, every team wanted to win of course. But, not only did we battle against the other team, in the end, it was also in each of our own interest to try our best as we would (have to) eat our own creation all together afterwards.

As far as we know, none of the participants called in sick today – wine was at own risk- so we might conclude we succeeded in our mission. 🙂

Thanks, Cuisine De Flore for having us, cheers to another satisfying team event!

Team event Koezio

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

This applies not only to Jack but also to our Engibex team. So we decided to have some fun! We knew already that we have excellence in engineering, but today we would be acknowledged for our teamwork during our interactive mission at Koezio Brussels.

We gathered on the 28th of March at Docks Bruxsel to participate in a mission to become an elite team. After dividing ourselves into four teams, the game was on. During two hours we gave all we had, went through highs and lows, small surfaces while overcoming tricky obstacles.

There was so much going on, we had to work together as a team to perform properly. – Antoine Bentin

Luckily the people from Koezio provided us afterwards with well-deserved food and drinks and food. To end the evening in style, all the attendees received a goodie bag with a gift.

Another successful team event!

Thanks for being part of it, hope to see you next time!


Team Event Engibex 2018

Engibex recently visited the Bertinchamps brewery located at Gembloux. After a tour of the brewery, we had the chance to taste different beers brewed by the Humblet family followed by a big evening meal!

David de Brouwer

Founder / Managing Director Engibex