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Think Engibex!

Corporate video

We’re pleased to present our corporate video.
This video emphasizes the daily work of our consultants, internal team and represents our company values and field of competence.

When you hear or see Engibex you:

Think Belgian.
Think Hi-tech.
Think product innovation.
Think research and development.
Think excellence. 


What we do:

We offer engineering consultancy, but differently.
We propose our clients in- and outsourcing of engineering activities.
While we relentlessly pursue excellence & quality, in everything we do, every day.
With a commitment to competent resources or specific results.

 From feasibility studies and design until the industrialization of products.
Using a personal approach, our well trained and highly skilled consultants are free to choose their own project.
We encourage our engineers to develop their entrepreneurial spirit, within their own expertise.


Who we are:

We are passionate, dynamic, young professionals, constantly chasing a perfect balance between innovation and respect for existing technology.
With more than 100 industrial projects, for 30 plus customers.
Realised by an international team with 12 different nationalities. 


Now you know us, time to:

Think how we can help to realise your project, or think how we can be your new opportunity.

Think as an engineer, act as an entrepreneur.

Think Engibex


Special thanks to following people: Bernhard Westerhof, Aurore Luu, Michiel Debeys, Clément Hardy

Following companies: Flanders Make, Dana, Thalès Alenia Space, Mirmex motor.

Graphic design by Kobe Casteels @slottgraphicdesign –

David de Brouwer
Founder / Managing Director Engibex