Why become an R&D engineer?

What is R&D?

R&D (research and development) has become an increasingly important part of the working world in recent years and engineers play an important role in this! Research and development simply enables a company to progress, for example in terms of technology.

Innovation is the key word

R&D engineers are at the heart of change and innovation is obviously the main task. It is obvious that important results and innovations can set the company apart from others and attract new customers.  

Indeed, with their research, engineers improve and develop certain aspects of the company. Once the research phase is over and the idea is sufficiently developed, the development phase is having place. The engineer leads the team, makes sure that the project is working smoothly and manages the process, as well as testing and creating tools before moving on to the final production stage. 

Working conditions in R&D

R&D engineers work in a team and have a regular schedule. Of course, glitches do happen and it is normal for engineers to solve them as quickly as possible and in cold blood. So they have a regular schedule but not less intense. 

As consultants at Engibex, our engineers are stationed at the customer’s site but are welcome to visit the Brussels office whenever they want!

The profile of an R&D engineer

“For new engineers who are new to the world of consultancy, I require openness to learning. Of course, we are learning at the university but we keep learning things everyday. I think we must always learn from our little mistakes and from our daily life.” – Prakash Dewangan, Project Team Lead at Engibex

Wondering if you match the profile? Here are the main characteristics of an R&D engineer

  1. Open to challenge 
  2. Curious, organised and rigorous
  3. Have a strong willingness to discover and research
  4. Want to improve society and people’s lives through innovation
  5. Flexible and open-minded

If you tick all the boxes, you are really made for this job so you can have a look on our LinkedIn profile. We’ll be waiting for you!

About the author

Maxence Paternotte

Junior Marketing Specialist at Engibex