Exploring Juan’s Engineering Journey at Engibex

Meet Rwema Ndizihiwe Juan Kelvin, a Scada & Controls system engineer at Engibex, who generously shares his experiences and insights into the world of engineering and consultancy. In this interview, Juan sheds light on his background, role at Engibex, and offers valuable advice for budding engineers.

Getting Started: Passion Fuels Career

Interviewer: Can you tell us about your background and what sparked your interest in engineering?

Juan: “I have always been fascinated by how things work, from a young age, tinkering with gadgets and machines. This curiosity naturally led me to pursue a degree in engineering, where I could delve deeper into the principles behind various technologies. Throughout my academic journey and my first professional experiences, I’ve gained hands-on skills in areas such as mechanical engineering, electrical systems, and software development.”

Choosing Consultancy: Freedom in Projects

Interviewer: What motivated you to pursue a career in research and development consultancy?

Juan: “If I could summarize it, initially, it was mostly due to how diverse my academic background is. Starting with such a background, where to start is not immediately evident. I have come to find that consultancy offers more freedom to choose the projects to work on, aligning with my accumulating expertise and my career goals.”

Why Engibex?

Interviewer: What attracted you to Engibex, and why did you choose to work here?

Juan: “I am grateful for the quick administration work (I have asked around from other colleagues who signed their contracts at the same time as me; mine was the fastest process). This might be due in part to the good relations Engibex holds with the immigration office as well as the various clients.”

Engibex’s Mission and Values: Alignment with Career Goals

Interviewer: How does Engibex’s mission and values align with your career goals?

Juan: “Engibex’s mission to ‘think as an entrepreneur and act as an engineer’ strongly resonates with my career goals and aspirations. As someone aiming to transition into management while honing my technical skills, this motto encapsulates the dynamic blend of innovative thinking and practical execution that I aspire to embody.”

“One aspect of Engibex’s values that particularly appeals to me is their emphasis on transparency and dedication to fostering strong and durable working relationships. This commitment is crucial in both entrepreneurial ventures and engineering projects, as it ensures effective collaboration and alignment of goals among diverse teams. For instance, in my current role, I have witnessed firsthand how transparent communication and proactive efforts to maintain positive relationships contribute to project success and team cohesion.”

“By embracing Engibex’s values, I aim to not only excel in my technical contributions but also cultivate leadership qualities centered around openness, collaboration, and a willingness to go the extra mile for both clients and team members. This alignment between Engibex’s mission and my career goals motivates me to strive for excellence and drive positive impact in every aspect of my work.”

Continuous Learning at Engibex

Interviewer: What learning opportunities does the company offer?

Juan: “Training to strengthen or provide introductory knowledge for new tasks (in my case, I am specifically talking about the Red Hat System Administration course I had at the beginning of my journey). I have also considered taking the sponsored Dutch course for integration purposes.”

Team Collaboration: Strength in Unity

Interviewer: How does Engibex foster collaboration among its engineers?

Juan: “Through presentation events as well as team-building activities.”

Looking Ahead: Advice for Future Engineers

Interviewer: What advice would you give to young engineers aspiring to work in research and development consultancy?

Juan: “Stay curious, learn continuously, and think creatively.”

Anastasia Hmyria

Marketing Specialist at Engibex