Interview with a Junior Consultant Olivia

Discover our interview with a fresh graduate who joined us as a Junior Consultant a month ago– Olivia Leroy. Olivia has some insights to share with our subscribers and other fresh graduates in engineering!

Tell us more about your typical day as a Junior Consultant at Engibex: what do you do, your routine, what skills you use to fulfill your responsibilities, the people you interact with, and the problems you help the company and its customers to solve on

Each day starts with an agenda check as not all days are the same. I spend a lot of days at the customer’s office in Brussels, but there is also a considerable amount of time spent on the field. You can find me at construction sites or in high voltage substations for site meetings ensuring good cooperation between different projects. For my customer, Elia, I work as a project leader for infrastructure extensions of cables and fiber optics. When at the office, I mostly spend my time creating plannings, budgets, ensuring good communication with the stakeholders, supervising permits along with all other aspects involved in large infrastructure projects.

Why engineering? Describe your thoughts about why did you choose engineering as a field

I chose engineering because I have always been interested in the underlying workings of every aspect in life. I am also a problem solver at heart and get a lot of fulfilment when finding new solutions to existing problems. This keeps the work exciting and challenging. More importantly maybe, I have a very critical mindset and find it important to be able to rely on a technical basis when analyzing solutions.

What you enjoy the most about working in ENGIBEX?

I enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people who also have a heart for modern world engineering problems.

Can you share some insights you get by starting working as an engineering consultant?

There are more aspects to engineering than only the technical one. For an engineering project to succeed, economic, social and political aspects must be taken into account as well.

What do you like most about being a consultant? Describe what opportunities give working in ENGIBEX and why working as a consultant with the possibility to have different projects and in different companies is more fascinating than working in one company in-house

As a consultant, you can rely on ENGIBEX to find projects and companies that match your area of interest and expertise. It also allows you to have a variety of projects if that is something that interests you, while maintaining job security in between projects. Being part of a team, you also form personal and professional connections with many people within the engineering world.

What will be your advise to those, who are finishing university right now and just going to start their career?

It may be scary to see how many options there are, how many career paths are possible, how many companies exist, but having to make only 1 choice. My advice would be to try something that sparks your interest and not to overanalyze all possible negative aspects of it. It is not because you can make only one choice that there is only one right choice.

How would you describe ENGIBEX in 3 words?

Welcoming, easy-going and fresh.

Anastasia Hmyria

Marketing Specialist at Engibex