APQP deployment and quality assurance task force 2

The project perimeter is the potential suppliers for a new space launcher Ariane 6.As a first step, It presents a pilot project on this launcher potential suppliers. Then, the project scope and results will be generalized for future new projects and all suppliers.

Client profile

A key European player in space telecommunications, navigation, Earth observation, exploration and orbital infrastructures.
The company contributes to Europe’s policy for independent access to space by supplying advanced electronics for the Ariane launcher family.

Large multidisciplinary teams are involved in this project at customer and suppliers levels.

The challenge

Based on the high importance of Ariane 6 launcher project, the company needs to deploy effective tools for the potential suppliers’ activities follow up, cost reduction, quality products improvement and to reinforce the internal quality assurance activities via the project team coaching regarding advanced quality tools principles and implementation strategies.

our solution

The company decides via a clear roadmap to start the deployment of Advanced Product Quality Planning activities and to reinforce the quality assurance of its potential suppliers (mainly the Electronic Manufacturing Services ) with Know-how transfer of advanced quality tools from automotive to aerospace and electronics fields.

Project - APQP Deployment