May 19, 2024

The company focuses on the development and production of DCTs for extreme performance cars by providing a custom transmission for each different car. DCTs not only shift faster than any other type of transmission but are also more accurate, more fuel efficient and smoother which makes them the best option for a extreme performance car.


A group of excellence in the market of DCTs playing an important role in the performance of the most known and powerful cars in the market. DCTs are a point of focus and are widely praised by every magazine specialized in the automotive industry.


To keep up with competitors is always a huge challenge. In addition to that, there is the constant self-challenge of providing more efficient, lighter and compact transmissions to the market. Furthermore, the automotive industry is mandatory to keep up with the latest trends and preferably be in the lead of the latest technologies. A major example of this is electrification, where we are not talking only about electric cars, but also hybrid automobiles.


R&D plays an important role in the solution by designing, calculating and managing not only the present, but the future line of the products. Innovation is a must in the automotive industry and it becomes even more important when we are talking about extreme performance cars where the cost gives place to efficiency, lightness and quality.